Alexander Gustafsson Blasts UFC For Giving Daniel Cormier Postposted Fight Against Jon Jones

While Alexander Gustafsson is a man of few words, he has certainly made his feelings about Daniel Cormier getting the next shot at light heavyweight champion Jon Jones well-known.

He isn’t happy.

In the wake of Jones’ withdrawal from a fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 178, Gustafsson blasted the promotion’s decision to reschedule the fight for UFC 182.

“I just heard the news that Jones is injured and the fight is rescheduled to January 3????” Gustafsson wrote on his official Facebook fan page. “Until then, I will be more than ready, it was MY fight to begin with and I WANT the fight as the number 1 contender. End of story!!”

This marks the second time that Gustafsson has been skipped over for a rematch. After losing to Jones in a “Fight of the Year” candidate this past fall at UFC 165, the champion chose to meet Glover Teixeira ahead of the Swede at UFC 172. Jones was then supposed to meet Gustafsson, but the fighter with the worst luck in the world tore his meniscus and was forced to pull out.

The UFC moved Cormier into the top contender position and has been heavily promoting the match, at least until Jones was forced to take himself out yesterday. Rather than give Gustafsson his due, the promotion instead rescheduled Jones vs. Cormier.

Upon announcing his injury, Gustafsson said he would be recovered from corrective surgery within five or six weeks, which would put him within the right timeframe for a fight with Jones at UFC 182.

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