Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Zach Wins POV, Victoria Has Breakdown Because Of Derrick’s Deception

After basically calling out Frankie to his face and being depressed for the last few days in the house… Zach needed to win the POV and he did.

The POV competition took place on Saturday and was the Big Brother favourite, OTEV contest. When the feeds returned, Zach was wearing the veto necklace and telling Cody that he can’t believe he won. Frankie told Zach that he was happy he won and that he deserved it. Frankie tried to use Zach’s happiness to finally get him to talk to him and Zach relented. He told Frankie that he loved him as a person, but hated him as a game player. Zach confessed he has been depressed because he had to change his whole game because of Frankie’s betrayal. Zach told Frankie that he wasn’t targeting him.

Zach said that he felt like he had caught his wife cheating on him (!) Frankie tried to throw the blame back on Zach by saying that Zach got Caleb to throw the competition to get him out of the house. Zach said that Frankie cheated on him which is what prompted the BotB plan. Frankie told Zach that he wasn’t the only one who conspired to get him kicked out as the plan included all of the Detonators.

Frankie told Zach that they cannot listen to Cody and Derrick when they try to pit them against each other. Zach told Frankie that he is his favourite person in the house. Frankie said that Zach is still is and that he was sorry for trying to take him out. Zach wondered why Frankie ever wanted him out and Frankie said that he just lost his mind. They agreed to never nominate each other.

Cody and Derrick planned the upcoming week. They discussed taking Donny out if Victoria was named as the replacement nominee. They also said that they were tired of Zach constantly acting out and they would have to get rid of him soon. Cody said he wanted to nominate Frankie and Zach and Derrick speculated that things would get ugly next week. Frankie came in and spoke to Derrick about saving Donny. Frankie argued that Donny would never nominate them because of Team America, and they could buy his loyalty by saving him this week. Frankie said his plan was to get Nicole backdoored. He told Frankie not to mention the plan to save Donny in front of Caleb and Cody as they both wanted him gone. They said that if Victoria was the replacement, Donny would have to go.

Donny and Nicole had a strategy session where Donny advised Nicole to try and get in Cody’s good graces. Donny told her to tell Cody that because he is aligned with Christine, Derrick, and Frankie… he would likely be the first to go. Donny said that Derrick was likely going to win the game and he would have his vote. Donny said that Derrick had deals with every player.

Zach told Victoria that he trusted Frankie again and Victoria seemed shocked. Zach then outted his entire game to Victoria. He told her about the Detonators about the F3 deals he had made with Christine/Frankie (Circle Of Trust) and Cody/Derrick (LTA). He also said he had a F2 with Frankie. Zach said that he would protect her and Victoria said the same. Zach then said that Victoria was right and that he had to go along with Christine.

Victoria then had a breakdown and started crying. She told Nicole that Derrick lied to her. Nicole told her that she knew that Derrick was lying to her but didn’t want to tell her. Victoria said that she no longer would believe what Derrick told her. She went on a rant and said that Derrick disgusted her and that she wanted to punch him in the face. Nicole told her not tell Derrick anything anymore.

Victoria told Zach that Derrick betrayed her and that she was considering calling him out. She told Zach that she had directly asked him about being in an alliance with Christine and he said that he wasn’t. Zach told her that it didn’t matter who Derrick was aligned with as long as he wouldn’t betray her. Victoria said the fact that he made a 5-person alliance without her proved his disloyalty. Zach said that Derrick cheated on her and Zach cheated on him. Victoria told him that he could trust Nicole.

At the same time, Nicole told Cody that Zach told Victoria about the Detonators and that Victoria now feels like Derrick is the biggest liar in the game.

Frankie talked to Christine about naming Nicole as the replacement nominee. Christine said that she promised Nicole that she wouldn’t. Frankie said that Nicole had to leave because she knew about the Detonators. When Frankie left, Christine told Cody and Nicole that Frankie was trying to get her backdoored and that she wouldn’t waver from making it Victoria.

Zach told Derrick that Nicole told Victoria about the Detonators and that Victoria was now upset with him for not telling her. Zach told Cody the same thing. Cody asked Zach if it was really Nicole who said it, and Zach admitted that it was him. Derrick was livid and told Cody and Caleb that Zach had ruined everything he had built with Victoria in an instant. Derrick said that he would nominate Zach and Nicole if he won HOH.

Cody told Nicole that Zach threw her under the bus and that he told Derrick that she was the one who told Victoria about the Detonators. Nicole told Derrick that Victoria told her that Zach told her everything. Going into full cop interrogation mode, Derrick that dragged Victoria into the room to discuss what happened. He said that he had heard that Zach said that Nicole was lying about him. Victoria admitted Zach told her. Derrick told Victoria that she was his only true alliance. When Victoria asked him if he was working with Christine, he again denied it.

Zach got out of the diary room and was immediately brought to the HOH room by Derrick. Derrick, Zach, Victoria, Nicole, Cody, Caleb and Frankie were all there. Zach admitted to lying to Derrick about Nicole being the one to tell Victoria about the Detonators and that it was him. He did tell Derrick that he told Victoria that Derrick had her back the entire time. He told everyone that the reason Victoria was upset and crying is because Derrick didn’t tell her that he was in another alliance. Zach decided to call Frankie out again and said that he still didn’t trust him. Zach then said that he would throw the next HOH and they could all get rid of him because nobody trusted him.

The girls eventually left the room and Derrick told Zach that when he decided to be honest with people, he is ruining all of their games. Derrick said that Zach was taking food out of his daughter’s mouth by trying to screw with his game. Zach told Derrick to just send him home because he didn’t want to do that. Derrick told Zach to just stop actively messing them all up.

They all settled their differences and said that Donny would go home if Victoria was the replacement nominee. They also discussed a plan where Frankie and Caleb would talk to Christine to get her to nominate Nicole instead of Victoria. When Zach left, the other four guys said that Zach had to keep his mouth shut. Frankie was offended when Caleb told him that Nicole told Victoria that the reason he outted himself as Ariana Grande’s brother was to buy her loyalty. Frankie thought that Nicole was slandering Ariana.