DC Comics’ New 52 Futures End #15 Spoilers & Review: Masked Superman, New Gods, Earth 2… OH MY! Are Batman & Joker Still MIA?!

We continue to chug away to September 2014 and DC Comics’ September 2014 five-year line-wide leap forward (the complete 3D motion covers are here), the weekly series’ fifteenth issue hit stands today.

Before I get to my capsule review and spoilers for New 52 Futures End #15, let’s get you caught up on this series so far:

Spoilers and capsule review follow for The New 52 Futures End #15.


As with previous issues, the free preview contained the action of a full subplot; this week that involves the masked Superman.

Now, I am getting a bit tired of Superman vs. Rampage, but I get he’s looking for geneticist Dr. Boyer. I also am tired of him “bumping” into Lois Lane who seemingly always comes to him when he’s in the thick of battle. All that said, I am still pretty intrigued by who might be under the mask (and there are some interesting moments in the Lois Lane and Superman exchange above on that). So, while DC did give away for free the Futures End #15’s Masked Superman subplot developments, they failed to include the first page of the issue with the Masked Superman and some interesting, perhaps revealing, un-super dialogue.

While we do have developments on the Grifter / Deathstroke / Fifty Sue / King Faraday subplot, and even the Stormwatch / Hawkman / Agents of S.H.A.D.E. one too. However, the real meat of interest for me continues to be Cadmus Island’s prison of former super-powered Earth 2 super-heroes; even its not-so-captive roaming in plain sight New God Mister Miracle (who we know resides outside of the multiverse per Grant Morrison’s revealing Multiversity map of the known multiverse).

Looks like implants may be keeping the Earth 2 “Wonders” powerless, but are those implants… sentient?

The books with that robotic Amazo-Parasite looking hybrid marching with a purpose in the Horn of Africa looking for an “alien”. Who might that alien be? The real Superman? Someone else? An Earth 2 denizen still super-powered?

I’m continuing to enjoy Futures End despite the roller coaster in can be some weeks. Also, I can’t believe DC is still leaving us hanging on what’s next for Batman Beyond era’s far future with Brother Eye vs. the original elderly Batman and an elderly… Joker! Come on now!! I am eager to see what’s next with that…

As with all other issues, we get a tease of next week’s DC Comics The New 52 Futures End #16! Looks like more Masked Superman, but also Futures End’s Justice League and more Batman Beyond vs. Mister Terrific. Shaping up well for next week.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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