Earth 2 World’s End Prelude: Worlds’ Finest #26 Spoilers & Review With DC Comics’ New 52’s New Black Captain America Superman Power Girl?

DC Comics’ third weekly series Earth 2: World’s End is being set up in the Earth 2 ongoing series and in the Worlds’ Finest ongoing series. Earth 2 #25 (spoilers here) and Earth 2 #26 (spoilers here) serve as preludes to World’s End as did last month’s Worlds’ Finest #25 (spoilers here) and this week’s World’s Finest #26.

Whereas The New 52 Future’s End #9 (spoilers here), the second of DC’s weeklies, served as the kick-off to an epilogue to World’s End showing what happened to Earth 2’s heroes and where they are five years from now in the DCU. This storyline continues in today’s issue of Futures End as well.

DC Comics has also finally released its October 2014 solicits including the first four issues of their Earth 2: World’s End weekly. Its clear from those October solicits that Power Girl and Huntress make it back to Earth 2. And Worlds’ Finest #25’s cover pretty much reveals that as certainty as well as the debut of a new black Power Girl?!

As we’ve noted before, with all three of DC’s weeklies, including its first weekly Batman: Eternal, all ending at the same time with Grant Morrison’s Multiversity in the Spring of 2015, DC appears to be building to a likely multiversal event for April 2015; the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Ok, now that you’re caught up, here we go!

Spoilers and capsule review follow for Worlds’ Finest #26!

The free preview from DC Comics for the issue continues where we left off last issue with Power Girl and Huntress effectively getting to Earth 2. Plus it also sets up the story for the New 52’s newest heroine… a new Power Girl (last page on below right)? Who is Tanya Spears?

When we crack open the rest of the issue we see the emergence of a new super-powered black heroine in the DC Comics New 52. And, we also learn how she got her powers and what Power Girl’s plans for this teenager were. And, due to all this, the cover to September’s 3D cover for Worlds’ Finest: Futures End #1 makes a whole lot more sense. Tanya Spears = new Power Girl?

On Earth 2, Power Girl and Huntress appear to have spied the Val Zod Superman, Darkseid’s Desaad schemes, and the Earth 2 forces marshal to repel Darkseid as Earth 2: World’s End begins? And, how might this play into writer Geoff Johns’ upcoming Darkseid War event?

An entertaining issue with solid story and art. Can’t wait for next month!

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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