Gina Carano & Bellator Deal Still Not Confirmed, Carano Using Rumors To Score More Money With UFC?

A couple of days ago, it seemed like Gina Carano signing with Bellator was a done deal. Now, it’s not as concrete as it initially seemed.

After MMA Manager Hector Castro tweeted on Monday that the Carano deal with Bellator was done, no announcement has been made. is reporting that negotations between Carano and Bellator are still on-going and that locking down a deal with Carano would be Bellator’s first step into the promotion reintroducing women’s MMA to its shows.

If Carano were to sign with Bellator, the promotion would likely build a 145-pound division around her, however the crop of female talent in that weight class isn’t abundant and Carano might find herself in the same situation that Ronda Rousey has on her hands in the UFC. Namely, that there is no one to challenge her.

Speaking of the UFC, it’s now being speculated that the news of Carano signing with Bellator might have been intentionally leaked as a negotiation technique to give the fighter leverage in a potential deal with Dana White.

With that said, the attractive nature of Bellator’s for Carano is that the actor can still pursue her big screen options with a flexible Bellator schedule as opposed to a demanding one from UFC.

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Source: Bleacher Report