Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Nicole Named Replacement Nominee, POV Ceremony Aftermath, Christine Says She Is ‘Scared’ Of Zach

After Zach won the POV, the plan to backdoor Nicole was put into motion.

Christine talked to Frankie and said that Nicole would say anything to save herself and Frankie said that he was infuriated with her and had no problem calling her out. Christine said that Nicole wanted to target the guys, but that this plan wouldn’t work. Christine told Frankie that she was worried Nicole would lie about her to save herself. Frankie told her not to worry because Derrick was with them. Christine asked Derrick for advice on her speech to Nicole. Derrick told her that it was a big moment for her on the show and told her that she shouldn’t worry about Derrick and Cody keeping her. Derrick then went to Victoria and told her that Christine had decided to name Nicole as the replacement nominee and that he kept her safe.

After Zach used the POV on himself, Christine went through with the plan and nominated Nicole. Nicole told Donny that she saw the writing on the wall and that Frankie seemed to be happier than usual in the morning. Nicole seemed shocked by Christine’s speech because she genuinely didn’t know what she did wrong. Nicole seemed horrified by the fact that Christine looked her in the eyes three times and swore to her that she wouldn’t put her up. Nicole said that Christine would never win a jury vote.

Frankie, Christine, and Cody talked in the HOH room and were pleased everything worked out and that Nicole was leaving. Frankie told Christine that her speech was great. Frankie seemed especially thrilled by the fact that Nicole and Hayden could no longer work against them and Cody just seemed upset that one of them would return. They all agreed that Donny or Victoria had to be the next to leave.

Nicole broke down and started to cry to Victoria. She said she didn’t think she would campaign as everyone’s minds were already made up. Her hypothesis was that everyone pinned Caleb throwing the competition on her. Nicole said that it was Christine’s betrayal and lies that hurt her the most and Victoria told her to go and talk to Christine directly.

Christine and Nicole met to discuss what happened. Christine told her that if she didn’t nominate her, she would be the next to go up. Christine told her that Zach and Caleb were the ones who sold her on the backdoor Nicole scheme. Nicole told Christine that Zach was dissing her and Frankie when they were away on the football trip. Nicole told her former partner-in-crime that the reason Zach wants Donny to stay is because he is after Christine.

Christine said that she was scared to go against Zach when he told her that Nicole had to leave because it was the scariest look he has ever given her when he said it. Christine said that if you go against the guys, they will go against you the following week. Nicole said that she has decided to campaign and Christine told her that she loves her as a person.

Caleb and Derrick made a Final 2. Caleb told Derrick that he had one with Frankie but he would take Derrick over Frankie in that scenario. Derrick said that Frankie had a F2 with everyone. Derrick told Caleb that he would take him over anyone. Caleb said that he thought he could win the game over anyone except Frankie. Derrick said the girls wouldn’t vote against Frankie because they wouldn’t want to be enemies with Ariana Grande’s brother. Caleb told Derrick that his perfect eviction order would be Nicole, Donny, Christine, Victoria, Zach, Cody, leaving Derrick, Caleb and Frankie in the Final 3. Derrick said that Christine had to go before Victoria because Victoria was with them and wouldn’t win anything.

Nicole started ragging on Christine to Victoria for how affectionate she is with Cody. She said that Christine talks dirty to him, cuddling with him and making sexual jokes with him. Victoria said that Christine was probably doing it as a strategic move. Nicole said that she wanted Christine to leave right after she did. Nicole said she was going to campaign to get her vote along with Cody and Derrick’s. Then she would work Christine to break the tie. She said that she didn’t want to talk to Zach, Frankie, or Caleb about switching.

Derrick and Christine confirmed Nicole had to go and that Donny was the next target. Cody joined them and they started discussing next week under the presumption that Nicole had already left. They said that they should only nominate one of either Victoria or Donny. If Donny won HOH, they said that they would have draw the first pick of nominations so that they could nominate Victoria and have her throw the BotB. That would mean Donny is dethroned and could be backdoored. They started about Zach and how much he hates Frankie and Christine. As if on cue, fans from outside the house started screaming that they loved Zach. Christine was horrified by this. She didn’t even want Derrick to tell Zach (how awful). Derrick said he had to tell him.

Cody told Derrick that he was worried that the end game would come down to them and Christine versus Frankie, Caleb and Zach. Cody said that Zach would go back to Frankie and that he wasn’t loyal. Cody said that Zach finally was starting to see that Cody didn’t like him. Cody said he wanted Frankie and Zach out. Derrick said that the plan should stay the same. Donny out next and then Victoria. Cody said that he wanted to go after Frankie and Zach ahead of Victoria.

Nicole started strategizing with Vicotria. She said that she wanted to get her vote along with Derrick, Cody, and Christine’s. Victoria didn’t think that Derrick would help her cause. Nicole said that Cody and Derrick ruined her game by flipping the house when she was HOH. Nicole said that she would still vote for Derrick in the end.