Breaking News: Survivor Editors Settle Labour Dispute Issue, Back To Work After Only One-Day Strike

Don’t you wish all work stoppages could be settled this quickly?

Less than a day after they went on strike from continuing to work on Survivor‘s 29th cycle, the Motion Picture Editors Guild has announced that Survivor producers have agreed to let their editing team unionize, concluding the one-day walkout that initially put the show’s return in question.

That was fast: The Survivor editing team is going back to work on next month’s 29th cycle premiere after a strike that lasted less than one day. The Motion Picture Editors Guild announced late Wednesday night that Survivor producers agreed to let the editing team unionize, concluding a brief walk-out that put the show’s return in jeopardy.

MPEG issued the following statement: “On Wednesday evening, the company agreed to the demand we issued on Tuesday for union recognition for the post crew of CBS’s reality series Survivor. Contract talks have been scheduled for Friday. In the meantime, our strike action has been suspended, and Survivor post-production employees will return to their jobs on Thursday. Our picket line will stand down until further notice.”

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