Despite Being Knocked Out In 66 Seconds, Sara McMann Seeks Rematch Against Ronda Rousey, Says Champion’s Win Was ‘A Fluke’

Despite being knocked in one of the quickest fights of the year, Sara McMann says that she deserves another shot against Ronda Rousey.

While McMann was quiet about her disappointing performance at the time, she recently opened up to FOX Sports about fighting Rousey again and claimed that Gina Carano and Heidi Holm, touted as Rousey top challengers, won’t have a chance against the grappling queen.

Per FOX Sports via

“I’m chomping at the bit to fight her again. I don’t even care if she loses a title fight, I will fight her. I don’t care if she’s suddenly ranked 20th, I will fight her.”

“Obviously she has holes. She definitely has things that can be exploited. I was doing better in the first few minutes than she was striking wise.”

“Sometimes you just get caught. It doesn’t mean that a fighter is better than you.”

In addition to her comments to FOX, McMann also spoke to MMA OddsBreaker where she said that the knee that Rousey hit her with to end the fight was a “fluke.”

“Carano and Holm, predominantly have stand up backgrounds,” McMann said. “You’re in a cage, she’s going to get your hands on you, and I just don’t think that they have the takedown and throw defense they would need to stop her from going to the ground. When it goes to the ground, their strongest areas are gone. They would be put in dominant positions where she is far better than them.”

McMann’s next challenge is a test against Lauren Murphy at UFC Fight Night: Maine this weekend.

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