Jon Jones Starts Recovery Process On Crutches As Knee Surgery Deemed To Be A Success

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones underwent successful knee surgery in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Citing a member of his management team, reports that Jones is already out of the hospital and is using crutches

According to a member of his management team, Jones is already out of the hospital, walking with crutches while his injured leg is in a brace.

In a training session with new teammate Alistair Overeem on Monday, the champion tore the meniscus in his left knee. As a result of the injuries, Jones was forced to withdraw from his title fight against Daniel Cormier next month and the fight has been rescheduled until January 3.

It’s expected that Jones will take between about a month and half to recover from the injures and the fighter will meet with his doctors on Monday to assess his recovery timetable.

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