Magomedrasual ‘Frodo’ Khasbulaev Requests Release From Bellator; VISA Issues Force Fighter To Only Compete In Europe

Magomedrasual Khasbulaev has requested to be released from his Bellator contract as a result of his visa issues.

The Dagestani featherweight, who earned a shot at the Bellator title after he won the organization’s 145-pound tournament in April 2013, couldn’t return to the United States to compete for the championship because of his visa issues.

After trying to get his immigration issues sorted out for the past year, Khasbulaev has thrown in the towel and asked the company’s new president, Scott Coker, to release him so that he can work in other European countries.

“I do not have any information on my visa yet, still silent pause from the embassy,” Khasbulaev told “I remain without a (fight), and I can’t speak to any organization other than Bellator.

“Right now I will ask Bellator to release me from the contract and give me the opportunity to show myself in other organizations. Bellator were like my family, how I made a living and fed my family, and I thank them for that. I will ask the new president (Scott Coker) to release me.”

“Frodo” said that he talked to Bellator’s matchmaker Sam Caplan about negotiating his unconditional release from the company.

“I received a message from (Bellator matchmaker Sam Caplan), with a note of hope, that Bellator will secure my release soon. But I’m still waiting,” he said. “Hopefully they will get into my skin, understand my concerns, and let me go.

“I don’t blame Bellator for the issues that have occurred, and there’s not my fault as well. It’s a third side. I loved to fight in BFC, it’s great organization, but now I have to move forward. I need to feed my family, I can’t stay inactive. Hopefully we all come to the right conclusion.”

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