Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Will Henry Recognize Frozen Characters?

As we know, the new season of Once Upon A Time will heavily focus on a Frozen-themed story arc and it can now be confirmed that the plot will be unlike past Once storylines.

While Henry has recognized all of the characters that he has interacted with before from the fairytales that he has read, as Frozen‘s characters are making the jump from the big screen to Storybrooke and not from books, Henry actually won’t know who Queen Elsa of Arendelle is.

The show’s EW, Adam Horowitz told TVLine that Once Upon A Time occurs in a “semblance of real time,” that started with Emma Swan’s birthday on October 23, 2011. With the second season taking less than a year and adding Season 3’s time jump, the showrunner says that the show will resume “in the early part of 2013.” That means that Henry could not have seen Frozen.

As Horowitz explains, Once “occurs in a semblance of real time,” starting with Emma Swan’s Oct 23, 2011 birthday aka the series premiere. With Season 2 encompassing less than a year, and even factoring in Season 3’s midseason time jump, “We calculated that we are now living in the early part of 2013,” Horowitz notes. Meaning, Henry not only couldn’t have seen Frozen (a late-November release) yet, but its first teaser trailer won’t hit the Storybrooke Cinema for months.

Horowitz also confirmed that the Frozen characters won’t be related to anyone else in Storybrooke.

“We will go on record as saying that we are not going to reveal that, for example, Elsa is somebody’s sister,” Horowitz said.


Source: TVLine.com