Ronda Rousey Says She Will Be Even More Dominating In Her Next Fight; Champion Says She Is Close To 100%

Could Ronda Rousey dominate the challengers that are placed in front of her, even more than she already has?

Apparently so as the champion says that she has owned her division while only operating on one knee.

The bantamweight has finished all 10 matches that she has participated in, but promises that the best is yet to come as she finished a rehab stint for the knee surgery she just underwent.

“This was actually my 4th knee surgery, and my 3rd scope. I’ve had it much worse before”, Rousey said on UFC Tonight, “I tell people I’ll fight today. If they need a fight, I would do it today. It’s going to be scary when I come back at 100%. I’ve been operating on one leg pretty much for a couple of years. Now, it’s gone to a point that my range of motion and everything is better than it has been since I was 16.”

“When I’m 100% back, I feel… No, I don’t feel sorry for people ever actually, never mind.”

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