Forever Heel: WWE SummerSlam Spectacular Preview!

Quick note here, I need to thank CB and Widro for bringing this week’s edition of Forever heel. My computer was being srewy so they allowed me to cobble everything together through my tablet, and email. Thanks guys.

So SummerSlam is finally here, and being held in the greatest city in the world. What can I say, I’m a Angeleno? Before you dive into all the slamilicous goodness, I thought I’d provide you a handy guide of each heel’s attributes and stats.

I’m going to start with Rollins. Seth Rollins was my favorite member of the Shield, a group that I was really never into after they broke away from CM Punk, and Paul Heyman. Even today I’m still confused as to the “injustice” they were fighting against. I’m sure they don’t know because WWE just threw these three guys together and put uniforms on them. It does make sense that if a Shield member was turning heel, it would’ve been Seth. He seemed to be the least sympathetic of the three because he was the smartest. Ambrose gets a lot of sympathy because he’s crazy, and naively impulsive to the point that he’s getting beat up every week because he refuses to back off. On the other hand Seth has played the weasely little jerk very well. Ambrose versus Seth is like an old school grudge match where the face spends months (now a days weeks) trying to chase his adversary and give the heel what he deserves. It’s a classic and should be enjoyed by modern fans, but sadly this type of storytelling is seen as a bait and switch, and tends to disappoint many. I believe this match will set up a bout for the MITB briefcase. I will say that if Hunter doesn’t have every guy outside the ring in flannel then he really doesn’t know what’s best for business.

The next guy I want to focus on is Miz. Miz has alot in common with his opponent, Dolph Ziggler. Both had disappointing World and WWE title reigns, but I’d say Miz came out of his time as champ looking far better. Miz can always say he beat one of the biggest wrestlers in pro-wrestling history for the main title at WrestleMania. Dolph, not so much. I barley remember his first WHC title reign, and his second WHC run was just as bad due to his injuries. Mix has always been the company man, he would takeover for Cena in a heartbeat. He’s willing to do whatever WWE wants, and is only held back because he’s not big draw. He reminds me a lot of Owen Hart. Owen was my favorite wrestler because you could plug him in anywhere, and he’d fit himself in. Owen was always good for holding a title, main eventing, or doing some of funniest commentary I’ve ever heard. Like Miz, the majority of Owens genius hijinks were PG. Also like Miz, Owen was a horrible face. Of course this match will probably not be anything like a standard Hart Brothers match, but both guys know what they’re doing and could steal the show if they wanted. I doubt it. These two can still put on an entertaining match.

I haven’t been very engaged in Bray’s died with Jericho. It seems that Bray isn’t doing well since Cena cut his legs out from under him. Since Extreme Rules, Bray has been getting more and more irrelevant. His gimmick doesn’t afford him the luxury of being much more than what he is. His personality has room to grow, but it seems up until last week Bray was content to stay a crazy talking mad man. He looked ridiculous during his promo battle with Jericho. Until Bray is allowed to grow beyond his rocking chair, then he’s just a guy with a cool entrance to cheer for.

As far as growing goes Stephanie has done very well. She’s gone from annoying bratty heel to deliberately vicious heel. She really is more like a modern version of the Mr McMahon character from ’98 to ’02. Hopefully she won’t become stupid evil like her dad, and know when to take a break, and not just show up to throw a monkey wrench into a heel or faces plans. She’s also shown that she’s willing to embarrass herself, and true she doesn’t take many bumps, but no female in WWE takes much damage, and I doubt WWE will allow male wrestlers to touch her?

I’m not going to comment much on Orton, but I will comment on Roman Reigns. If there is any truth to him main eventing WrestleMania against Brock than I’m going to be glad I only paid ten bucks to see WrestleManias 31.

Paige is doing well as the bff that keeps beating up her bff. In the IWC Paige deserves the Diva’s belt because she’s an almighty worker, while AJ deserves it because she’s been such a dominant champ. There’s also people who believe AJ got the belt back because WWE wanted to get CM Punk to come back. That’s called goofy reasoning. I don’t buy the idea that Paige’s “anti-diva” gimmick failed to get over because WWE never let her do it outside NXT. I’m pretty sure Paige will win the belt by cheating somehow and lose the belt next month back to AJ.

Rusev is another great foreign heel as of right now, but I fear he’ll lose Lana and his Russian backing, and become a comedy guy. I hope not, but it seems WWE likes to strip their heels of any protection and interest. I think it’s to see if they can handle themselves well with no help, but what if they had done this with Yokozuna and Nailz? I don’t see Swagger winning here unless it’s to set up a third match. I also don’t see Kurt An g me returning to WWE to destroy Rusev, and save us from Brock and his evil part-time ways. I don’t think this Putin gimmick will go away anytime soon because Iron Sheikie, and the Unamericans we’re far more controversial. I mean the UnAmericans wore shirts with an upside down American flag, only nine months after 9/11. I would like to see Nikita Kolloff in the front row, when Rusev gets a ppv title shot. Kita isn’t dead is He?

Brock Leaner is as of now, the most evil man in WWE. It’s not because he’s a monster, or because he beat Undertaker. Brock is pure evil because of his part-time status. I think it would be better if Brock wins and keeps the WWE WHC off tv for a while. WWE can then focus on shining up the secondary titles. The USA belt is never defended, and the tag belts go to whoever isn’t broken up by Vince. The IC and Divas titles remain a step higher, but that’s not saying much, when the WWE WHC is also tarnished from years of using it as a prop to thank certain wrestlers for their loyalty. I don’t believe the main title should ever go to a guy because he works his ass off, and was really neat in ROH. No, WWE needs more than just a pure wrestler. Brock fits because he’s a pure wrestler that might kill you. It was obvious that WWE was sending us a signal when Brock beat the snot out of Cena at Extreme Rules 2012. Cena only won because they didn’t know how Leaner would workout. Brock could be without Heyman, and just scream like a woman again, and we’d still find him intimidating. I believe that he’s a man that makes the title.

Top Five Great SummerSlam matches
5 Skip vs Horowitz
4 Oddities vs Kiaentai
3 Shane vs Steve Blackman
2 Bret vs Davey Boy (how’d that get in there)
1 Lawler vs Jake Roberts

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