WWE 2K15 News: Full Roster Reveal For Upcoming Video Game, Will Include More Than 60 Playable Characters

To say that WWE 2K15 is a highly anticipated videogame release for World Wrestling Entertainment would be an understatement. Last year, the game came out while its development was transitioning from THQ to 2K Games, the outfit responsible for the best-selling NBA 2K series, Borderlands and Civilization among others. This year, the WWE 2K series will make its debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms (as well as on PS3 and Xbox 360) on October 28, 2014.

Up until a few weeks ago, the only definite as far as playable characters went included Sting (those who preorder the game will get the chance to play as “Classic” Sting and “Crow” Sting), Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, and John Cena, who is the cover model for WWE 2K15. A partial listing of characters circulated in the days leading up to SummerSlam weekend, but during a two-hour panel discussion on Club Nokia at LA LIVE (which included Steve Austin, Sting, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Roman Reigns, Sheamus and Cesaro, and streamed live on IGN) the entire roster was revealed.

Here is the list of the 62 superstars and divas that made the videogame roster:

01. Bray Wyatt
02. Cesaro
03. Hulk Hogan
04. John Cena
05. Roman Reigns
06. Sting
07. Sting (Retro)
08. Chris Jericho
09. Dolph Ziggler
10. Fandango
11. Sheamus
12. Big Show
13. Damien Sandow
14. Brock Lesnar
15. CM Punk
16. Triple H
17. Shawn Michaels
18. Goldust
19. Dean Ambrose
20. Batista
21. Jey Uso
22. Jimmy Uso
23. AJ Lee
24. Big E
25. Jack Swagger
26. Tyson Kidd
27. Darren Young
28. Rey Mysterio
29. Nikki Bella
30. Brie Bella
31. Titus O’Neil
32. The Rock
33. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
34. Seth Rollins
35. Kofi Kingston
36. R-Truth
37. Justin Gabriel
38. Randy Orton
39. Naomi
40. Daniel Bryan
41. Xavier Woods
42. The Miz
43. Tamina
44. Rob Van Dam
45. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
46. Erick Rowan
47. Luke Harper
48. The Undertaker
49. Alberto Del Rio
50. Bad News Barrett
51. Booker T
52. Cameron
53. Cody Rhodes
54. Curtis Axel
55. Kane
56. Kevin Nash
57. Mark Henry
58. Natalya
59. Ric Flair
60. Ryback
61. Santino Marella
62. Summer Rae

Glossing over the list, while it may look surprising to see CM Punk listed, remember that he was still under contract for much of the first half of 2014, so his motion-capturing and animation was probably locked in early on in the game’s development. And with Albert Del Rio’s recent firing it’s easy to see why his character also made the roster list.

Notable omissions of current WWE personalities that may be included as expansion packs after the game releases:

Adam Rose
Bo Dallas
Heath Slater
Rob Van Dam

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