Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Frankie Wins POV, Zingbot Calls Christine Out For Uncomfortable Closeness To Cody, Bomb Squad Turns On Zach

Veto competition day proved to be another interesting one in the Big Brother house.

Prior to the competition, Donny and Zach talked and Donny asked Zach who the real target was the night that Hayden went home. Zach told him that the Detonators just planned to either get rid of him or Hayden. Zach also advised Donny that his biggest adversary was Christine. He told him that the majority of the house was against him. Donny said that when they all got back home, everyone would ask them why they were threatened by an old man.

Zach told Donny that he would not nominate him if he won HOH as he has bigger targets in mind. Donny asked about what their plan was after he and Victoria were evicted and Zach said that the alliance just planned on handling that situation when they got there. Zach said that scenario could exist today if Donny won the veto and chose not to use it. When Donny questioned Zach about who was calling the shots in the alliance, Zach told him that it was Frankie. Donny told Zach that he would vote for him if he got to the end. Donny told him that Nicole said she would vote for him as well.

Frankie chose Christine and Victoria to be the Have-Nots as they have been Have-Nots the least number of times in the house. America voted for Transylvanian Goulash as the bonus item. It consists of blood sausage, canned pumpkin and onions. Derrick said that even in the worst case scenario, if Victoria won veto, he could convince her to use it on Cody to get Zach nominated instead. Zach asked Derrick if he would keep him over Caleb and Derrick said that he definitely would.

Team America discussed their mission for the week. They decided to steal Zach’s Gator shirt, Caleb’s bunny slippers, Cody’s blue hate, Donny’s visor, Frankie’s eye wrap, Derrick’s College t-shirt, Victoria’s robe and Christine’s glasses. Their plan was to hide the items in a trash bag below the actual trash bag in the storage room. They will then organize a neighborhood watch patrol as instructed.

Donny made a F2 with Frankie and used the ‘I want to be beaten by the best’ argument. He pointed to Frankie’s 4 HOH wins as evidence of him being the best.

The veto competition took place and involved Zingbot. Frankie won the power of veto. Christine was crying as she was zinged about her close relationship with Cody despite being married. Frankie told Caleb and Zach that they would have to win the next HOH and that Victoria was the target this week. Caleb waited for Zach to leave and then said that they should consider backdooring their former comrade. Caleb said that wasting a backdoor on Victoria right now would not benefit any of them.

Caleb talked to Derrick and Cody and told them that Frankie was down to backdoor Zach. He said Victoria was a good puppet for them to continue to use. Frankie entered the room and agreed that eliminating Zach was the best move. While he was concerned that Zach would tell Donny everything, he thought this could be mitigated by talking to Donny first. Frankie said what changed his mind was when Zach didn’t volunteer to go on the block next to Donny and throw the competition.