Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Malcolm Jamal Warner Confirmed To Guest Star

Kurt Sutter must have loved the 80’s.

In addition to marrying Katey Sagal (famous for her Peggy Bundy role on Married With Children) and casting her to play Gemma on Sons of Anarchy, the Sons of Anarchy showrunner has gone to the 80’s well again and signed The Cosby Show‘s Malcolm Jamal Warner for a guest starring spot.

Warner will play “Sticky” and serve as the Vice-President of the Grim Bastards gang. According to Entertainment Weekly, he was originally only supposed to star in one-episode but will now be in at least four.

According to Warner, the Grim Bastards will play a major role in Jax’s revenge.

“They’re definitely a part of it,” Warner said. “If you’re gonna be on that show it’s kind of cool that you’re going to be the motorcycle gang that’s like the charter club to Sons. So they definitely have our back and we definitely have their backs.”


Source: EW