Arrow Spoilers: When Will Oliver Queen’s Son Make His Debut? Will It Be Connor Hawke?

Last season, Arrow‘s son was referenced leaving fans to wonder when the progeny of Oliver Queen might make his debut on the series.

In the episode “Seeing Red,” Arrow fans learned that when Ollie was a care-free billionaire playboy, he got a young woman pregnant. Moira met privately with the unknown woman to reach a deal. She offered the mother $2 million in exchange for her lying about losing the baby and leaving Starling City.

While it was suggested that the paternity storyline was one that wouldn’t explored until later in the series, it appears it might be revealed sooner than we think.

Showrunner Mark Guggenheim preview what is to come (as far as Oliver Queen’s transition to fatherhood), in a recent interview with TVLine.

Though it was previously suggested that the paternity secret, which in large part died with Moira, would be revisited as early as Season 3, Oliver may have to wait longer to learn of and/or meet his long-lost progeny.

“Half of our job is coming up with ideas, and the other half is exercising judgement in terms of the right time to play those ideas,” Guggenheim said. “We also need to have that moment [Oliver meeting his child] happen in the right context. So is it Year 3, is it Year 10…? I don’t know,” Guggenheim says. “We’ve put it out there and we’ve got some cool ideas about where to go with it, should we do it, but we haven’t committed to actually doing it or even when to do it.”

The rumor making the rounds is that Oliver’s child will end up being Connor Hawke.