Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Frankie Names Zach As Replacement Nominee, Zach & Donny Agree To Work Together

Yesterday, Frankie’s plan to backdoor Zach finally went into effect.

In the morning, Frankie went to see Zach. While Zach made one final pitch to try to get him to nominate Victoria, it fell on deaf ears as Frankie said that everyone else would be after him. Zach said that he was only an asset for Frankie’s game. Frankie said he would think about it. Immediately, Frankie ran over to Christine and told her that Zach “begged him not to nominate him.” They laughed about it.

Zach talked to live feed viewers and told them that his Big Brother game was about to end as the veto meeting was in 10 minutes. Zach said that he couldn’t believe that Frankie would be the one to put him on the block. He admitted that he didn’t have a chance against Cody.

The veto ceremony took place and Frankie did the unthinkable and nominated his former ally.

When the feeds returned, Zach immediately started campaigning to Caleb. He said that Cody was more loyal to Derrick and Christine so for his game, keeping Zach made more sense. Caleb was having none of it and said that Zach didn’t know that for sure. Caleb told Zach that he has been detrimental to the alliance while Cody hasn’t been.

Frankie ran to Cody to tell him that Zach was throwing him under the bus. Cody ran out and told Zach that if he was going to throw people under the bus, he should do it to their face.

Frankie told Zach that they have all seen how he turns people against each other. Zach said that never happened. Frankie said that they had a 5-person alliance and that Zach told him that he was in a Final 3 with Derrick and Cody and that is what ripped them apart. He also blamed Zach for starting the Circle Of Trust Final 3 with him and Christine. When Zach said that it was him, Frankie denied it. Zach said that everyone believed Frankie because he was a good talker. Frankie told Zach that he was not a good talker and a “prolific liar” on top of that. Frankie said he would talk him down any day of the week. Zach said that what really hurt him was how Frankie gave him false hope earlier in the morning. Frankie said he didn’t want to send Zach home. Zach said that he didn’t believe him.

Frankie said that Zach threw him under the bus to Caleb last night by telling Caleb that there was a debate between sending him or Amber home in the week that Amber left. Zach said that was completely true. Frankie said that he “doesn’t remember it.” When everyone left, Frankie asked Zach if they would continue to fight all week. Zach said there was no point. Frankie said that he understands that Zach is campaigning but that he would “wreck” him if he brought his name into it. Frankie told him that he would have not been in this position if he had just volunteered to go on the block with Donny.

Zach talked to Donny and told him to keep Cody because everyone was doing and he didn’t want him to be on the outside of the vote. Donny said that he didn’t mind, but would if that is what Zach wanted. Zach told Donny about how they drew skittles to decide who would be nominated next to him and that person would have to throw the competition. Zach told Donny not to give up and that he will get luck when he needs it. Zach said that he would help Donny in anyway that he could before he left to help him break the alliance.