Batman and Robin #34 Spoilers & Review: Robin Rises Part 2 Sees Hellbat Vs. DC Comics New 52’s Justice League & Darkseid?

Batman and Robin has been one of DC Comics’ most compelling New 52 ongoing series. Last week saw its recent “The Hunt For Robin” arc become the “Robin Rises” arc kicked off with Batman’s Robin Rises Omega #1 (spoilers here) with Part 1 being technically Batman and Robin #33 (spoilers here).

How this all fits into DC’s upcoming Darkseid War event remains to be seen.

Here’s what you need to know to be caught up on all things Batman and Robin leading into Robin Rises:

Ok, now onto Robin Rises Part 2!

Spoilers and capsule review follow for Robin Rises’ Batman and Robin #34!

Looks like Batman is hell-bent on getting to Apokolips to retrieve his son Damian Wayne’s corpse, but also to bring him back to life. To do that, he must keep the Justice League busy in an interesting way. We also learn that Batman doesn’t really see new Justice Leaguers Lex Luthor and Captain Cold as serious threats.

Despite that, Lex Luthor finds and confronts Batman. In fact, he wants to help Batman! Regardless, while the Justice League race back to the Watchtower, Batman – in Hellbat armor – enters the Boom Tube and ends the book on Apokolips!

Another, fun and action-packed issue on story and art. Can’t wait for Robin Rises Part 3!

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