Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Victoria Makes Her First Move Of The Game… Plots To Take Zach’s Hat

On Monday evening, Zach continued to prepare for his impending eviction on Thursday.

While playing pool with Frankie, Zach said that he planned to say “to all you great, strong competitors… and Victoria.” Frankie tried to tell him that he could only be gone for 5 minutes if he returned to the game.

Christine admitted that her worst nightmare would be for someone were to return. Derrick predicted that Hayden would win a competition to get back in, seeing as he would be able to hold on to a wall the longest.

Victoria started talking to Cody about how much Zach hates her. Victoria said that the hat Zach always wears is hers and as a result, she could do whatever she wanted to it. She planned to steal the hat and destroy it. She wanted to capitalize on the fact that Zach admitted to her that he is “nothing without the hat.” She told Cody that the reason she wanted to do this is because Zach has been telling everyone she is useless and that she was worried about Zach’s reaction. She legitimately believed that Zach would pour boiling water on her face because he was leaving. Cody said that would never happen.

Zach, Frankie and Caleb happened to be outside when a fan yelled from just beyond the walls of the house. The fan apparently yelled “Zach, we love you! Beast Mode Cowboy, we hate you! Frankie, you’re disgusting!” Zach shouted back “We love you too! We love you! You’re the f*cking man!”. Big Brother immediately called for an indoor lockdown. When telling the others about the fan, Zach joked with Victoria and said that the fan said that she was the “worst.” Victoria went to the bedroom with Cody and Christine and told them that she was pissed. She told them that she has had enough of him. She confirmed she was going to destroy the hat. Big Brother then called her to the diary room.

Upon her return DR, Victoria told Cody and Christine that she had to be careful if she destroys the hat because there is the potential for an accident to happen with the scissors if Zach tries to fight back to get the hat from her. She said that it could result in a penalty nomination being given to her. She decided to take the chicken way out and wait to do it when Zach was asleep. Cody and Christine offered their assistance if she needs any help.

At approximately 11 PM, Zach finally left the hat on the table. When Victoria asked Cody and Christine if she should take it, Christine remained non-committal while Cody encouraged her to. She grabbed it and ran to the Have-Not room. She yelled for Christine to bring her a knife. Feeds were then cut.

Once they returned, Caleb eventually asked everyone where the hat was. Victoria said “oh I ripped it apart.” She said that she is so excited because if Zach touches her he will be going home tonight.

Victoria went to the have-not room and told Zach that she is going to bed. He said okay. She let him know that there are no hard feelings. Zach said that he did have hard feelings. She tried to threaten him and said that he should know that whatever he touches of hers, he is not going to have to deal with her but he is going to have to deal with production. Zach eventually left the room and she went to bed. Zach then began searching the house for the hat. Zach was called to the diary room a short while later.

As usual, while Zach was in the DR, Frankie, Victoria, Christine and Cody started trashing him. Frankie suggested that Victoria ask that Big Brother has guards on standby with tranquillizer guns. Victoria said that if Zach touches her he will be in handcuffs and will go to jail. Once Zach got of the DR, he asked Victoria if she would give the hat back. She would not. He said that she is just doing this to piss him off. Victoria told him that it is her hat and he is going home, so she wants to have it. Zach let her know that she could have just asked him and he would have given it back to her if she really wanted it. Victoria felt that Zach would not have given it back if that were the case. Zach reminded her that she had told him that he could have the hat and Victoria said that she never said this. Zach then told her that if she wants to play games they can play games all week.

Zach told Victoria that she could either give the hat back or keep it and force him to “get it back.” When Victoria went to bed, Zach asked her again if she will give it back to him. Victoria said that she didn’t know. Zach kept pestering but Victoria didn’t answer. Zach said he needed a definitive answer so he could plan his eviction outfit. Victoria said that he just told her that a fan had called her the worst and Zach admitted that he was just joking about it. Zach eventually made peace with her keeping it but said that it sucked since she wouldn’t even wear it.