Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Zach’s Last Stand, Pitches Frankie To Stay, Threatens To Put Christine’s Husband On Blast During His Thursday Speech

Yesterday in the Big Brother house, it was time for both Donny and Zach to get their game faces on.

Donny spoke to Cody and told him that he knew Zach was going this week and that he would be leaving next week if he didn’t win HOH. Donny told Cody that there were three people who were running things out of the six. He said the trio included Derrick, Frankie, and Christine. He said that Christine was flirting with him just to ensure his loyalty and then kick him out just like she did to Nicole. Donny said that Cody has no time left to make a move as Zach’s exit means that they don’t have the numbers to go against them, especially since Derrick also has Victoria.

Donny told Cody that he knew Cody’s play was to bank on Derrick taking him but that this was bad strategy. He said that Hayden trusted Derrick and had his throat cut. Donny felt that Derrick/Christine/Frankie were more loyal to each other than they were to Cody. Donny told Cody that Derrick didn’t have to win another HOH because nobody would put him up.

Donny said that Cody would finish fifth or sixth, because he has no numbers. Donny’s pitch was for Cody to win HOH and not get Donny out because they needed to start cutting the other side down. Donny said that he should tell everyone that he would not nominate Donny outright but would backdoor him. Then flip the script and shock them by backdooring someone else. Donny said that Cody didn’t have Derrick and Victoria as he was banking on because Derrick would rely on whichever F3 won HOH (whether that be Cody/Victoria or Frankie/Christine). Donny said that if Cody continued to trust Derrick, he would have to get him to cut either Frankie or Christine next.

Immediately after the conversation, Cody started talking to himself and wondered if the conversation was really necessary (clearly nothing Donny told him registered).

It was revealed that Victoria cut up the pink hat that Zach loved and she wrapped the remnants in tinfoil before placing them in a bag, hidden away with her things.

Donny and Zach had a long talk. Donny told Zach that it’s the saddest thing in the world to know that people threw a competition just to get him out of the house. Donny told Zach that he knew that he would be the next to go. He asked Zach what the plan is for the five once they get down to the end. Zach revealed that Derrick and Cody are together, Frankie and Caleb are together, and Christine will go to either Frankie or Cody. Donny said that it’s a dangerous game for Frankie to be playing since Derrick has Victoria in his back pocket. Zach told Donny to keep fighting and not give up, saying that he has fought for everything so far and his luck will come. He told Donny that he will win the game if he makes it to the end.

Donny said that he wanted nothing more than to see the big group splinter and he was hoping he could see it before he left. Donny told Zach to try and manipulate Frankie in hope of getting him to keep him around. Donny suggested to tell Frankie that once he and Donny are evicted, everyone will gun after him.

Frankie and Derrick talked. Frankie asked Derrick to update him on how Zach was feeling and Derrick said that Zach was the best he has ever been. Frankie agreed. They said that Zach has just been playing a character for a majority of the time in the house. They both said that they thought Zach would come back and Frankie said he would want him back more than anyone else. Frankie also said he wouldn’t mind if Jocasta returned.

Outside, Zach began rehearsing a final last stand speech to stay for Frankie. He would say that Cody has no enemies and no one would put him up while Frankie is going to be the easiest person to put up.

Frankie and Derrick agreed that they saw through Donny trying to drive wedges between them and their allies and that it didn’t make sense for Donny to target them personally because of the Team America connection. They agreed that Christine and Caleb would both nominate Donny and Victoria. Derrick said that they could not bring Victoria along every week because everyone would take her to F2 if she made it to the Final 3.

Zach said that he had no longer given up and would try to campaign again. Zach said that he would tell Christine that if she didn’t vote to keep him, he would put her on blast to her husband during his speech. Donny told him that turning Frankie would be Zach’s best move. Donny suggested that Zach tell Frankie that his sister made him a target and that no one is going to want to take him to the end because they cannot beat him. Donny felt that it may scare Frankie enough to want to keep Zach because of how paranoid Frankie always is. Donny said that Derrick on the other hand is too cool and would only make rational decisions.

Zach made his final pitch to Frankie. He asked why Frankie would keep Cody over him and Frankie told Zach that he is too unpredictable in the game. Frankie admitted that Cody wouldn’t take him to the end and Zach pounced on this and said that nobody would take Frankie to the end. Zach told Frankie to think long and hard about who he was sending home. Zach said that while Frankie wasn’t voting, he could still influence others (Christine and Caleb).