Scott Coker Opens Up About Giving Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller A Second Chance In Bellator

Jason Miller has as many stories written about his activities outside of the Octagon as he does inside of it.

‘Mayhem’ has competed for Dream, Strikeforce and UFC in his 14-year career and has had numerous issues outside of his fights.

Following his release from UFC in 2012, he was arrested under suspicion of burglary, after being found naked in his local church. Charges were dropped after the pastor came forward in Miller’s defense. In 2013, Miller was apprehended again, this time under charges of domestic abuse. He would be arrested two more times that year. Once, on a new set of abuse charges related to his initial confrontation and then again, in October of 2013, for violating a restraining order.

For the past year, however, Miller has remained out of the public eye. He was brought in as a training partner for Quinton Jackson while Rampage prepared for Bellator 120. It’s this low demeanor that has Scott Coker considering bringing Miller into Bellator.

The Bellator President spoke about the possibilities on The MMA Hour.

“You know, I’ll tell you, it’s worth a conversation, because everybody deserves to have a second chance. He’s a great fighter, believe me. I just hope he’s okay. And if he’s okay, then we can take a more serious step. But the first step would be, you know, is he okay? That’s really what it comes down to.”

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