Marcos Maidana On Floyd Mayweather: “He’s Not As Good As People Think… But You’ve Got To Respect Him”

Marcos Maidana doesn’t buy into the Floyd Mayweather Jr. hype.

Heading into his September 13 title shot against the welterweight champion, Maidana says that the champion is overrated.

“He’s not as good as people think,” the Argentine said during a recent Showtime media round table.

“I was able to pin him to the ropes and land punches, so he’s not as difficult or as invincible as people think. He’s hittable. You can land on him. I made mistakes. I was a little too anxious. He never hurt me, but he’s got a respectable punch. You’ve got to respect him.”

Maidana said that he isn’t going to make any fundamental changes to his gameplan for Mayweather.

“[I’m] just working on my distance control and a couple other minor changes,” he said.

However, the brawler expects that he will have improved more than Mayweather could have from their first fight. “(Mayweather) can obviously change and get better, but I can change and get better too,” he said.

“The only thing he can do is box and that’s what he did in the first fight. He was moving a lot. What is he going to do? Move more?”

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Source: Yahoo