Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Aftermath Of Nicole’s Return, Donny Says He Will Tell Jury Not To Vote For Derrick, Cody Wins HOH

What went down in the Big Brother house after Nicole returned and Zach was evicted?

Nicole initially started telling the houseguests that she was shocked that they evicted Zach. She said that she received any questions from “Zach Attack” fans. She told the houseguests that she can tell that America loves Zach and that he will be remembered forever.

Derrick quickly held court with the Detonators, Bomb Squad, and Victoria telling them all that nobody should be caught talking to Nicole. He said that he will call out anyone who does. He said it did not benefit any of them to listen to what Nicole has to say as her and Donny will be the next two to leave no matter what.

Cody and Frankie both pushed to send Donny home before Nicole. Derrick said that Nicole will likely target Frankie and Christine.

Nicole and Donny sat down and talked about Nicole’s experience after leaving the house. Donny said he was glad to have a friend back. He told Nicole that every person in the house is against him. Donny told Nicole about how they houseguests drew Skittles to decide who would throw the competition beside him to send him home. Nicole said that Zach quickly told her that he went home because he wouldn’t throw the competition. Victoria was spying on their conversation and quickly ran back to tell the others that they were talking game. Nicole told Donny that he was the only person she trusted. Donny said that he would tell the jury not to vote for Derrick if he got there. Donny said that he would vote for Frankie because Frankie won 4 HOH’s.

Nicole said that she would be targetting Derrick and Cody. Donny said that they would be nominated against each other and Nicole said they would have to beat them first.

The feeds went dark for the HOH competition. When they returned Cody was the winner and apparently barely beat Donny for it. Everyone celebrated Cody’s win except for Donny and Nicole. Cody said that Donny was his target. The HG’s agreed they have enough votes to send Donny packing.

Frankie begged for an endurance competition and Derrick said they should consider evicting Nicole if they did think it was an endurance competition the following week.

Nicole made her pitch to Cody to stay. She said she has no one else and everyone has bonded during her absence from the game. She pleaded with Cody to make a move. She said that Cody was not her target if she had won HOH. She also used the fact that she didn’t expose his game when she left as proof of why he should be working with her. Cody disagreed and said that he heard that she told everyone that he went to her and Hayden to form an alliance with Derrick and himself. Nicole swore that she never said that. Nicole said she didn’t want to be punished for being a good person. Cody told Nicole that he was targetting Donny.

Nicole said that she wasn’t working with him, but that the house is currently 6 vs. 2. Nicole told Cody that she loved Donny because of his heart and said that Cody could use their two votes to eliminate bigger targets.

During Cody and Nicole’s meeting, the others deliberated over who to send home. Derrick said that either worked for him but thought that Nicole was a bigger threat seeing as how she was already talking to Cody now. Christine preferred to evict Derrick because of his ability to manipulate and whisper in people’s ears. Derrick said that Nicole and Donny had no chance of staying and that the group should just keep options open until after veto. He said a twist would be the only thing that could save them.

Cody filled Christine and Frankie in about Nicole’s pitch. He said that she knew she was done if Donny won the veto. Frankie asked Cody if he told her about the open door policy and that every pitch she made would go to everyone else.

Derrick, Cody, Christine, Frankie and Caleb talked in the HOH room. Derrick said that this week is a waste but Cody said it wasn’t since they have failed at getting Donny out so many times. Derrick said that the plan couldn’t change. It had to be Donny. Derrick warned them all that Nicole would try and pitch them and that they should always talk to each other first before listening to Nicole. Derrick suggested to Cody that he throw an M&M at Donny during the nomination ceremony, and say that they wanted to switch things up and his M&M got pulled. Wow.