Forever Heel: My Rant on WWE and Their Preference On Keeping African Americans Out of the Main Event

I enjoyed SummerSlam. I’m interested in seeing how Brock Lesnar and John Cena will finish at Night of Champions. I can’t see them having Cena take another supreme ass-kicking. I hope they don’t trade the Title back to Cena. Perhaps New Jack will ref and then screw Cena? I would think New Jack would be angry about Cena ditching his rapper gimmick since New Jack is a Dean of Thugganomics.

It seemed that Jericho was teasing a heel turn. He was acting way too annoying and goody goody in his Raw promo. I don’t know what he would do, but my money is on a Dolph fued, and losing to face Ryback(if he really turns face).

I’m still pissed at WWE for dropping the Nation 2.0 faction. How does WWE keep their African American audience? Only Dave Otunga and The Rock have broken WWE’s model for black wrestlers. Every other African American plays either a athlete, big black dude, or wacky hip hop guy. Why can’t we have a rich black guy that doesn’t wear gold chains and crazy suits? I’d love to see someone like Darren Young, or Xavier play a African American Million Dollar Man. He could even have a white butler?

The Nation 2.0 stable looked to be far more diverse because it wasn’t just evil urban black heels. Kofi was from a third world nation, Big E is the athlete, and Xavier Woods is the brains. An elite African American faction could’ve been something special in WWE. Since WWE doesn’t seem to be using any of these guys well, and the fact that WWE hasn’t had a black faction since 2004. They could even add a white, or Latino member to freshen up the group if they need to.

TNA has done a similar angle with Lashley playing the athlete, Kenny King playing the cocky young star, and MVP playing the brains. The problem here is that TNA hasn’t done much to show that MVP is anything more than P. Diddie as a wrestler. He took over TNA, and made his own champ. I think he should be doing more than breakdowns, and acting obnoxious. Kenny King is the guy to play the obnoxious member. King is better at it. Also the idea of three African-Americans taking down a southern white-run wrestling fed is also awesome. Unless you live in Orlando I guess?

I’m not saying that a wacky hip hop wrestler, or a guy that dances toward the ring is a bad thing either. We’re talking about a industry that was founded on stereotyping every aspect of human culture. I’m saying that not every black guy should have to play these roles. If WWE cares about “the kids” so much than why aren’t they showing African-American kids diverse talent to look up to? The Godfather to me was okay because he was used and Kama enjoyed being that character. I speaking more of the cookie system of having 7 slightly different Godfathers on the roster.

It’s only been since the late 80’s that national wrestling companies stopped bringing up hard heads, and watermelon challenges (actually that was the 70’s). Not every black guy needs to be quiet and menacing, or a jumping and jiving goof. I didn’t add the roles of African American women because it looks like WWE and TNA seem to diversify them well. Sorry if this sounded like more of a rant than an article, but it sometimes seems that WWE enjoys looking barley racist behind the scenes.