Hulk Hogan Lobbying For Final Match At WWE Wrestlemania 31 Against Steve Austin Or John Cena

While he did wrestle a few times in TNA, Hulk Hogan is pushing hard for one final match in WWE.

At the 2K video game event in Los Angeles over Summerslam weekend, Hogan was vocal about setting up a match for himself at Wrestlemania 31. The two opponents he mentioned by name are Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena.

Austin doesn’t seem too interested in having a match with anyone, let alone Hogan, who he has been cold on working with in the past to begin with. Cena is an interesting choice, and based on current WWE booking, he doesn’t have a clear opponent for ‘Mania. A match between Hogan and Cena could be billed as a once in a lifetime dream match.

The main obstacle is whether or not Hulk Hogan could pass a WWE physical. In recent years Edge, Mick Foley and Kevin Nash have been unable to get medical clearance and have had their WWE in-ring careers effectively ended. Hogan claims his back was better than ever but he’s now battling arthritis in his extremities that runs in the family.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter