Latest News On Kurt Angle To WWE

As his TNA contract expires soon, Kurt Angle has made overtures about returning to WWE. He has reached out to both HHH and Vince McMahon, and to this point, has been rebuffed.

Angle first spoke with HHH, who pretty much blew Kurt off. Then he called Vince McMahon, who is said to have played “good cop”, in that he deferred to HHH to make talent decisions. This is said to be a rouse, however, and that Vince is in full agreement not to bring Kurt back in.

Vince’s fear is that Kurt, as a former Olympic Gold Medalist, could die or be permanently injured while in a WWE ring. This would cause a major PR and perception company for the company.

Angle is looking for a part time schedule, something similar to what Shawn Michaels had in his final run with the company. Angle could come in for a specific PPV and work the surrounding Raw and house shows for the program. Angle, at 45, has been breaking down physically for years and might not even be able to pass a WWE physical.

The fact that Angle is reaching out to WWE indicates programs with Jeff Jarrett’s proposed Global Wrestling Federation. Angle was purported to be a top star in the GWF, but if it is not materializing, it could be proof that Angle is looking elsewhere.

Angle and Jeff Hardy are among those considered for a WWE return if TNA were to fold, although some in WWE also oppose Kurt for a recent issue on a plane

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter