Michael Bisping & Cung Le Respond To News Of Advance Drug Testing Taking Place After Their Match

A photo on Instagram has led to advance drug testing after the Michael Bisping and Cung Le match in Macau tomorrow.

After Cung Le posted this photo of himself:

Bisping speculated that drug testing might have to be conducted, even though he didn’t think it would.

After the UFC announced that they would be funding advance drug testing themselves (with the absence of an athletic commission in Macau), MMAJunkie caught up with both fighters to get their reactions.

Michael Bisping:

“It’s kind of funny because I wasn’t necessarily making an official request. I was just really thinking outloud. I applaud it. I am all for it. The more drug testing, the better. I think it is a great step forward for mixed martial arts. We should all be operating on the same level. Nobody should be allowed to get an unfair advantage which some people have. I am not suggesting that Cung Le was taking any illegal substances. Nothing like that at all. Some people did speculate about his physique and now they are going to do blood testing. It still doesn’t mean anything. The more testing, the better.”

Cung Le:

What I am excited about is just the fight. All this other stuff? It’s whatever. Let’s do this. I have had a long training camp. Had a great one. I have been training for over a year with strength and conditioning with my new strength and conditioning trainer Matt Allen. Long diet. I am ready for my week of cheat with pizza, chocolate… I am going to go to town… I gotta focus on my fight. I don’t care if they poke me. Get blood. Whatever. Let’s just get inside the Octagon so I can bring the lightning followed by thunder.”

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Source: MMAJunkie.com