Revenge Spoilers: Rough Waters Ahead For Emily & Jack As New Man Beckons

Just because Aiden is dead, it doesn’t mean that Emily is ready to jump into the arms of Jack.

Brian Hallisay has joined the show and there will definitely be some sparks between his character, Ben, and the show’s leading lady.

TVLine talked to showrunner Sunil Nayar about the possibilities of Ben as a new love interest for Emily.

“In the scenes they’ve had together so far, they’ve had great energy,” he said. “But we want to take our time with these things; Emily has so much she’s already dealing with, we don’t want to be casual about the next person she chooses to give her heart to. That said, there’s definitely an energy between them that we’re enjoying. We didn’t bring him on to be Emily’s love interest, but by the same token, we didn’t not bring him on for that.”