Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Showrunner Reveals How Many SAMCRO Members Will Die In Final Season

How many SAMCRO members will still be standing by the time the finale airs?

In the September 9 premiere of Sons Of Anarchy, Jax sits at the table and says:

“For me to move forward with all the things we now have to do, I need to know this table has no doubts, no mistrust, that every single one of you would kill or die for the man next to him.”

In addition to the President’s proclamation, FX’s marketing campaign for the final season has focused on setting up Jax as the Reaper, ready to kill anyone who threatens him or his club.

Both of these factors would lead you to believe that many of the club’s members will die by the time the series finale rolls around. If that is true, you’d be wrong.

The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter recently talked to EW and said that there would actually only be a minimum number of SAMCRO casualties.

“Two club members will be dead,” he told EW. “I don’t think there’ll be more than that.”