CB’s Slant: Why NXT is Awesome and SAWFT Signs Have Made Their Way to WWE Monday Night Raw

Regardless of WWE’s tireless push to get people to spend $9.99 to purchase the WWE Network for PPV events like WrestleMania 30 and SummerSlam, the real gem of the entire channel is WWE NXT.

I have thoroughly enjoyed nearly every episode of NXT, and the NXT special live events like Arrival and Takeover have been just as good if not better than offerings like Battleground and SummerSlam.

If you look closely at episodes of Raw these days, you’ll see signs in the crowd that simply say, “SAWFT!”

This is thanks to the NXT Tag Team of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, who for my money do as good a job as anyone working the NXT crowd into a frenzy. They’ve done so well that other WWE Network subscribers and NXT fans are certainly paying attention, which is a great sign.

Enzo Amore especially does a great job on the mic, while Cassady provides the punchline and the added muscle to give the tag team an HBK/Diesel like feel.

Check out the video of their entrance that kicks of this past week’s episode of WWE NXT right here, and stick around to check out The Vaudevillains awesome black and white reel to reel entrance.

Before you know it, you just might be done with the whole hour without even realizing it, because NXT is just that good and refreshing to watch.

That’s all from me — CB.

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