Dean Ambrose News: WWE Storyline Absense, Upcoming Movie Role Details

Some news and notes on Dean Ambrose

On the WWE Monday Night Raw after Summerslam 2014, Dean Ambrose lost a match against Seth Rollins that is his storyline exit from TV. In the match, Kane interfered and helped Rollins curb stomp Ambrose’s head through (gimmicked) cinder blocks, resulting in a no contest.

On Raw, Ambrose was taken to the back on a stretcher to seek medical attention. However, later reported that Ambrose “escaped” and disappeared without getting treatment. Officially, his storyline whereabouts are unknown.

The real reason Ambrose is off TV is that he has a starring role in a new WWE/Lionsgate action movie called “Lockdown.” It will be the first of a new six movie deal between WWE and Lionsgate. Production on the movie starts later this month, with director Stephen Reynolds, and writers Nathan Brooks and Bobby Lee Darby (“See No Evil 2”).

Ambrose stars as a police officer who ends up trapped in his own precinct and hunted after by crooked police who are attempting to recover incriminating evidence against both them and their friends.

Ambrose will go by his real name, Jonathan Good, in the film. He is expected back on WWE TV later in the year.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter