WWE Not Planning MSG PPV For Indefinite Future

Will choose other local venues…

WWE is reportedly planning to run Summerslam 2015 in the New York area, but it will almost certainly not be at Madison Square Garden.

Despite the fact that MSG is seen by WWE management and specifically Vince McMahon as the bell-weather of WWE fan reactions, it is too expensive to run the area for PPVs. While there still will be house shows at the “World’s Most Famous Arena”, the chances of a PPV there are very slim. The union fees for running TV and live production at the Garden are high.

As Pay Per View and Raw shows in the NY area tend to sell out quickly, WWE will instead be choosing Barclays Center in Brooklyn or the Izod Center for PPVs. There is even talk that WWE might consider running MetLife Stadium, which is a football stadium.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter