Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Episode 4 Breakdown, Kalon Enters Paradise & Dates Himself, Jackie Betrays Marquel At Rose Ceremony

It’s Bachelor In Paradise Monday, and you know what that means… spoiler time!

Last week, RealitySteve was right once again, by predicting that Chris would be forced to leave the episode because of an injury and that Elise would go with him. Chris also decided to save Michelle by giving her his rose.

For tonight’s episode, the women will be giving out the roses while the men will be asking the girls out on dates.

This week, Kalon McMahon from Emily’s season of The Bachelorette and Cody Sattler from Andi’s season of The Bachelorette join the cast. Jesse Kovacs from Jillian’s season of The Bachelorette also throws himself into the mix.

Incoming dates:

Hilariously Kalon asks Michelle, Jackie, and Sarah to go on dates. He then decides to go on a date by himself. He brings two shirts and talks to himself over dinner in both chairs wearing a different outfit on each side of the table. He calls it the “One-On-None” date.

Cody gives his date card to Marcus so that he has more time to spend getting to know people in the house. Marcus obviously asks Lacy out again.

Jesse asks Jackie on his date and she accepts.

House dates:

There are no house dates per se but RealitySteve reports that Marquel and Michelle have a blow-up.

Rose ceremony:

AshLee to Graham
Lacy to Marcus
Clare to Zack
Michelle to Cody
Sarah to Robert

Final rose: Jackie gives her rose to Jesse over Marquel and Kalon

Pretty cold after Marquel saved her last week.