Hector Lombard Readies Himself For Return; Can’t Wait For His New Nickname To Debut

With just a few weeks to go before he is cleared to resume training, Hector Lombard has had a lot of time to think about his return.

The fighter was diagnosed with a cervical disc herniation, an injury that has severely impeded the careers of many fighters. The good news for Lombard (3-2) was that the injury he suffered during a training session would not require surgery.

“I was scared,” Lombard told MMAjunkie. “At first, I thought my career was gone. And then second, I was worried about my health.”

When he returns, Lombard says that he will have a new nickname. He showed MMAJunkie.com the “Showeather” logo on his hat and clothes and explained its meaning.

“Showeather stands for, ‘I’m ready for any weather. I’m ready to show you all,'” Lombard said.

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Source: MMAJunkie.com