JR Blog: WWE Hiring TNA Wrestlers, Mick Foley, Hall of Fame Forum

Heading into WWE Monday Night Raw tonight, Jim Ross has a new blog and here are some highlights:

on Raw’s Hall of Fame Forum
WWE announcing a Hall of Fame forum to kick off RAW this Monday that includes Flair, Hogan and Shawn Michaels. I guess I missed the call. LOL. I hope that the panel is hard hitting and thought provoking and refrains from eye ball rolling rhetoric as it’s a great opportunity to sell the Lesnar-Cena rematch coming in September. Let the talents use their old school promo skills and not how a writers rendition of what they ‘think’ these legends might say. Give them bullet points and turn them loose. Nice to see Flair getting booked again in WWE after the Summer Slam experience of 2013.

on Mick Foley
My friend Mick Foley is talking major back surgery to help alleviate the pain that he is in 24X7 after a long career of taking extraordinary bumps. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mick also did not need knee and/or hip replacements sometime down the road as well. Riding in those rental cards thousands of miles each year on his tours doesn’t help matters either. Less may be more for Mick who I hate to see suffer simply getting out of a chair or walking from point A to point B. It almost seems as if Mick is working harder today than he has a certain times of his wrestling career. Mick is simply too nice a man and a friend to see suffer on a daily basis.

on WWE hiring TNA guys
Someone on Twitter asked if I thought WWE would hire any Impact Wrestling talents if they became available. First of all, I have no idea but my instincts tell me no that new talents will come from the WWE Performance Center. However, I would hire some of the better Impact talents to short term deals for two reasons, to work with the ‘rookies’ and to see if they might actually get over. Both reasons are good ones but I’m not holding my breath.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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