Latest On Spike TV/TNA Negotiations, Is Spike TV Getting Out Of Wrestling Entirely?

There has been some talk that Spike TV is looking to get out of the wrestling business altogether.

Some rumors had surfaced that Spike TV’s parent company Viacom was looking to buy a minority stake in TNA, and was using the TV negotiations as leverage over Dixie Carter. However, according to other TV insiders, Spike TV was telling people as early as May that the show was not going to be a long term fixture on the network.

That said, there is not animosity right now from the Spike TV side. TNA is said to have a backup in place, but its not a large station. The rumors are that if that deal were to start in early 2015, say February or March, that Spike TV would be willing to extend Impact so that it would run continuously to the new station as well.

Where as the split between Spike TV and WWE was acrimonious, Spike has no such ill will towards TNA (or didn’t even have it towards ECW either, it would have kept ECW on the air longer but ECW folded).

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter