JR Blog: WWE Raw, Hall of Fame Forum, Cena/Lesnar Build, Roman Reigns

What did Jim Ross have to say about Raw?

Jim Ross checked in with a new post-Raw blog, here are some highlights:

on Hall of Fame Forum
The HOF panel exceeded my expectations as it appeared that the trio of HBK, Hogan, and Flair were working off bullet points and expressing themselves in a natural manner or as natural as one can be in that setting.

on John Cena/Brock Lesnar Build
I wasn’t overwhelmed with how John Cena was booked on RAW as I would have been in favor of leaving him off TV another week or doing a vignette from Cena’s home where he could express himself about “Do I have it in me to beat a healthy Brock Lesnar?”

When the hero says he’s not going to a major event to win his title back but to beat the champion’s ass it usually means that the champ IE Brock Lesnar retains as he should in this re-match.

I’d still, as I have said on the Ross Report podcast, like to see Cesaro vs. Lesnar at some point down the road. Cesaro is seemingly in the never ending “on deck circle.”

on Roman Reigns
WWE getting heat on Reigns is strategic. Pushing Reigns too fast too soon isn’t a good idea. (See…Die Rocky Die)

If Reigns is the anointed one, and I’m not against that whatsoever, he’s got miles to travel to get to the next level not withstanding that Lesnar has to continue to be the intimidating, “I like nothing,” bully/heel or Lesnar could easily be the ‘face come WM31. Worse things could happen. Good thing here is that Brock has @HeymanHustle….and Roman Reigns is athletic enough to continue to raise his game.

If Reigns shines every week on RAW and rarely has to fight his way out of jeopardy WWE could be facing issues with fan backlash down the road. It’s easy to say that being in a 2 vs 1 handicap match is fighting out of jeopardy but the handicap match is so over used.

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