Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara Rejects Idea That Her Emmy Appearance Was Sexist

While the VMA’s are known for creating controversy, the Emmys usually are not but that wasn’t the case on Monday.

Sofia Vergara made an appearance to illustrate Academy of Television Arts & Sciences chairman Bruce Rosenblum’s speech about how TV always gives the viewer something compelling to watch by stepping onto an on-stage turntable. She served as a visual distracted for both the live audience and at-home viewers to balance Rosenblum’s otherwise boring speech. Vergara then stepped off, pretended she was dizzy and said “that’s why I stopped doing the car shows!”

The segment received worldwide criticism. referred to it as “blatantly sexist trope.”

Backstage, Vergara seemed annoyed by the reactions and especially to those who said that she set the women’s movement back.

“I think it’s absolutely the opposite…. I absolutely think it’s ridiculous.” Justifying her participation in the segment, she said, “it means somebody can be hot and be funny and make fun of herself.”