Rafael dos Anjos Defends Referee’s Decision To Stop Fight

While fans booed and thought that referee Big John McCarthy didn’t give Ben Henderson enough time to recover before stopping the fight, the man who knocked him out said that the right call was made.

“The referee is there to protect the fighter, and Big John stopped it on the right time,” Rafael dos Anjos told MMAFighting.com. “He’s there to protect the fighter, and Ben Henderson would get hurt if he hadn’t stopped the fight at that moment.

Henderson’s first time being knocked out came after the Brazilian hit him with a vicious flying knee at UFC Fight Night 49 over the weekend.

“I trained that knee a lot in the locker room with master Rafael Cordeiro,” dos Anjos told MMAFighting.com. “On my way to the Octagon, master Roberto Gordo told me ‘Rafael, do that knee because it’s working. Remember it, believe it.'”

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Source: MMAFighting.com