Tyrant Season Finale Spoilers: Barry To Take Over Presidency?

Will Barry finally go back to being Bassam in tonight’s Tyrant season finale?

That was the question that I asked Jennifer Finnigan, when I talked to the actress about tonight’s episode.

MJ: As its root level, Jennifer, is this show really about turning Barry back into Bassam?

JF: I think the show at its root is Barry figuring out if he is more Barry or more Bassam. It’s who he wants to be. Him figuring out his destiny. The repercussions of whatever his decision is and how it affects all of us. It’s a ripple effect.

We also spoke about where the show would go if a second season is ordered and while nothing is confirmed, it appears that Barry’s coup will probably result in success.

MJ: Barry is now poised to assume control of Abudeen after his coup. Can you talk about the impact this will have on his personally and professionally in a potential second season?

JF: I don’t know where the second season is going, but I will say that the way the finale ends, it will leave it open for so many possibilities, which is very exciting. Coming from Molly’s perspective, the idea of Barry assuming leadership of a country… she has known this man for 20 years. He is a pediatrician. He’s a father of two. She thinks she has seen every side of him. All of a sudden, there’s this cold and calculating side of him. This lying side of him. She really can’t believe her eyes. She can’t believe she’s seeing this. There’s only one explanation. It is in his blood. We have seen this in real life too. We have seen leaders assume the throne and all of a sudden something kicks in and they become just like their predecessor. They become just like their father. That is exactly what is happening to him. I think there is much danger in Barry’s future. I believe that he is capable of leading but I don’t believe that he understands the consequences of his actions at this point. And not understanding the consequences of his actions will put him in grave danger. And will put his wife and children in grave danger as well.