Tyrant Season Finale Spoilers: “Life-Threatening” Situation Expected To Affect The Entire Al-Fayeed Family

Tonight’s Tyrant season finale should see Barry’s coup finally put into motion and the results should be catastrophic.

In my recent interview with Jennifer Finnigan, I asked her to preview tonight’s episode and while details on the show are few and far between, the actress did confirm that things would get perilous.

MJ: What can fans expect from Tuesday’s season finale? I have to tell you that I am dying to tune in. I have no idea how it is going to end and that’s great considering how predictable TV has become.

JF: It’s funny because I changed my hairstyle. I wanted to make it a little bit more incognito because I was being aggressively approached by fans asking to know the end of the show. It was almost like I needed to wear a t-shirt that said ‘don’t ask me, because I can’t tell you!’ All I can say is that a dangerous situation becomes even more dangerous and life-threatening. Everyone is impacted in a terrifying way.

Here’s the full transcript of the entire interview.