WWE Monday Night Raw Off-Air Happenings, Superstars Tapings Results (Spoilers)

Superstars SPOILERS 8/28

(1) Adam Rose beat Curtis Axel at 4:30. Rose won with the Party Foul. The crowd was bored and the arena was only half-full with the early start on the West Coast.

(2) Fandango beat R-Truth at 5:15. Fandango won with a reverse roll-up and hook of the tights. The crowd was into both wrestlers.

– There was no post-show action after the impromptu six-man tag main event that aired on TV. Also, no return date.

If the crowd seemed quiet during the main event, it was because they were upset the Wyatts didn’t have an entrance.

– The crowd was hottest for Swagger vs. Rusev, the main event, and the Bella promo exchange.

– During the Swagger vs. Rusev match, there were chants of “DUI” and “We Want Angle” aimed at Swagger. Also, WWE pre-lowering Rusev’s flag really killed the suspense.

– John Cena led in boos, and usually the SoCal crowd is nicer, but not today.

– There was lots of apparel for Cena for sale, plus Brock Lesnar and surprisingly Bo Dallas. No C.M. Punk items for sale, though.

– Overall, the Honda Center crowd was late, but good. WWE tarped off the upper deck on the televised side, but most sections were filled.

– Lots of promotion for the Monday Night War series on the Network during commercial breaks.

– Top Face Pops: Swagger, Ziggler, Wyatts, Roman Reigns.

– Top heel Heat: Cena, Nikki Bella, Seth Rollins.

Report by Brandon from San Diego, PWTorch

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Source: PW Torch