WWE Notes: WWE Raw Segment Next Week, Smackdown Main Event Announced


This week’s Friday Night Smackdown will feature a tag match pitting Big Show & Mark Henry against the Wyatts – Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. Also on that taping will be RVD vs Seth Rollins, in what will be RVD’s final appearance with WWE for a while.

Next week’s Monday Night Raw will feature a Highlight Reel segment where Chris Jericho will interview Randy Orton, who has not appeared on WWE TV WWE Monday Night Raw since his lost to Roman Reigns at Summerslam.

WWE heavily promoted new items for the WWE Network on Raw. They promoted 100 hours of WCW Monday Nitro added to the Network, as well as new episodes of Monday Night War.

Interestingly, WWE showed a promo for “Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules” to premiere at 8pm Wednesday on the network. It is not new content, as it is the documentary portion of the 2009 Hardy DVD release. However, it is a bit notable because the Hardys are in TNA, although Jeff is a prime candidate to return to WWE should TNA not make it in 2015.

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