Brock Lesnar vs. Dave Batista Could Be Fall WWE Booking Focus

After not setting up a new program for Brock Lesnar on Raw last week, WWE announced a rematch between John Cena and Brock Lesnar on the WWE Network and then on Smackdown. The rematch has already generated some controversy, but after the beating John Cena took, it makes natural storyline sense for Cena to get a chance for revenge. In addition, The Night of Champions 2014 PPV is approximately six months since Wrestlemania 30, and many WWE Network subscribers have the choice to renew now.

With that said, it’s largely expected that Lesnar will defeat Cena and move onto another program for the rest of 2014. One of the strong possibilities is Dave Batistsa.

Batista is coming off of a run in 2014 where he returned as a babyface, only to be turned heel by the crowd and aligning with HHH and Randy Orton in storyline. When he left TV on hiatus to promote the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, he essentially turned on Evolution, but not necessarily babyface. Due to the massive success of the movie, Batista could come back as a “conquering hero” type babyface, and position himself into a match against Lesnar.

Last week, Batista stoked the fires for such a match/feud. He posted this image on Instagram:

UFC/WWE Brock Lesnar Conquered John Cena for the champion ships….What’s next?

Interesting to see Batista actively promote a match that might not necessarily be on the books yet.

Check out this match between Lesnar and Batista back in 2001 when both were in developmental:

What do you think about the possibility of a Lesnar/Batista match or feud? Talk about it in the comments!

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