T.J. Dillashaw Says His Next Beating Of Barao Will Be Even Better Than The First

T.J. Dillashaw shocked the MMA world when he systematically took Renan Barao apart for almost five straight rounds. Now, the champion says he is ready to do it all over again.

Barao was nearly a 10-to-1 favorite at UFC 173 in May, but this time he’s the underdog. Dillashaw understands that he has to offer a rematch, but this time he expects to deliver even more punishment.

“Some called it the perfect performance,” Dillashaw told our partners at Shoot Media. “I don’t mind rematches, especially when there’s either a controversial decision or super close fights where you don’t know who won the fight. But with Barao, it’s a little bit different situation. I’m getting the rematch because of the fact he was such a great champion for so long. We’re building off what worked for me last time. I proved I can beat the guy. … I’ve got his number. I’m in his head. Now I just have to go back and push repeat.”

The two meet at UFC 177 this weekend.

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Source: MMAJunkie.com