Wednesday Comments – Showing Image Comics Some Love

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So this is my column devoted to comics. But sometimes it feels like it’s devoted to DC Comics, because their comics and characters are often the focus. And in fairness, the majority of comics that I read are published by DC.

But for the sake of parity, I’m devoting this week’s edition my love of Image Comics. Image publishes a dozen ongoing books, in addition to several miniseries, that I read on a regular basis. And I just don’t show those books nearly enough love, which is weird because they’re usually the books I can’t wait to read when I get back from the comic shop.

Well, today changes that.

C.O.W.L. – I really don’t think this book is getting enough praise. I know that I love it and I know a few other people that do too, but I want this book to be huge. It’s a book set in Chicago in the 60’s about a superhero union. It’s written by Kyle Higgins and Alex Siegel and features some amazing art by Rod Reis.

It’s got shades of Watchmen, in that it takes a look at what if heroes existed in a historical setting and has a nice mystery brewing. Trust me, give this book a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Lazarus – When you’ve got two of the creators of Gotham Central working on a book, chances are it’s going to be a good read. Thanks to Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, Lazarus is just that. I can’t imagine how Lazarus could be any better.

Lazarus is set in a bleak future, where the rich run the world and everyone else is pretty much garbage. It’s grim and beautiful. It’s got a female lead and has invested so much in world-building. If you’re a Rucka fan and you’re not reading this book, I have to question if you’re actually a Greg Rucka fan.

Southern Bastards – I trust Jason Aaron. I fell for his work on Scalped, so I knew was going to jump onto Southern Bastards. Plus it’s got great art by Jason Latour.

Southern Bastards is a book full of creepy Southern clichés. It’s a about a man trying to tie up loose ends in the town he grew up in and ending up getting sucked into the muck. It’s brutal but it’s so good.

Velvet – Another former Gotham Central collaborator writing another female protagonist. This time the collaborator is Ed Brubaker who, along with Steve Epting on art, chronicles the adventures of Velvet Templeton a former agent who jumps into the fray to uncover a conspiracy.

There are so many reasons to love Velvet. It features a female protagonist, who is middle-aged. It’s also a great espionage book. Also, it’s Brubaker and Epting.

Saga – Everyone loves Saga. It’s Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan. Saga has great characters and fun dialogue. And Staples really goes wild with her alien lifeforms. Every issue has at least one moment that’s guaranteed to elicit an emotional response from readers.

Fade Out – So Fade Out just launched, but it’s Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips doing a noir in the murky past of Hollywood, so how can it not deliver?

Saviors – I love this change of pace for James Robinson. How can you not fall in love with a book about a stoner who stumbles upon an alien conspiracy? Plus it’s got visuals by J. Bone. It’s funny and scary all at the same time.

Nowhere Men – This book comes out sporadically, but it’s entirely worth the wait. It’s about The Beatles of science, what happens after they break up and involves human experiments. I’m not quite sure I understand everything, but I know that I enjoy this book.

Supreme Blue Rose – I know for a fact that I don’t understand this book. Warren Ellis has that effect on me. But the book is only two issues in and features some haunting art by Tula Lotay. Also, it’s a reimaging of Supreme.

The Walking Dead – I think everyone knows about this book.

Thief of Thieves – I love a good heist book and this is a good heist book. Redmond is the greatest thief in the world. Despite his attempt to give up the life, he keeps getting deeper and deeper into world of crime. Andy Diggle and Shawn Martinbrough deliver thrills issue in and out.

Chew – I’ll admit that I’m not as much in love with Chew as I used to be. But Layman and Guillory still have the ability to make me laugh and occasionally cry.

What Image books are you reading or would you recommend that I read.

It’s Wednesday, so go out and get some fresh new comics from your local comic shop.