Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Last-Second Pitch To Save Donny… Did It Work?

Today Frankie told Caleb that he had points to make regarding keeping Donny.

Caleb said that if he told Donny that the guys were going to save him while the girls voted him out, Donny would stay loyal to the guys if he won HOH. Frankie agreed. Frankie said that they could save him if he swore to nominate the girls. Frankie said they had to tell Derrick and Cody that Nicole’s nominations were unknown.

Caleb pitched a plan to Derrick and said they could tell the girls to evict Donny but then they save him. That way he would know the votes against him came from the girls so that he would target them. Caleb pitched the idea of nominating the girls and Donny said that he would.

Frankie spoke to Cody and told him that all the other guys wanted Nicole out. Cody held strong and said he still wanted to see Donny leave tonight. Frankie told him about the deal Donny cut to nominate the girls. Caleb joined the argument and told Cody that the biggest reason to keep Donny was that Nicole would always remain more loyal to Christine than them.

Derrick grabbed a minute alone with Cody and said he would still vote Donny out. Derrick did say, however, that he thought Donny would keep his word and nominate the girls. Derrick told Cody that he needed an assurance from Nicole that she wouldn’t nominate him. Cody swore she wouldn’t. Derrick, Christine, and Victoria all agreed to evict Donny.

Cody pushed the plan to evict Donny again to Frankie and Caleb and said that Donny has been targetting him for two weeks. Frankie repeated that Nicole would never nominate the girls and that at least Donny was willing to cut a deal. Cody asked Frankie if he trusted Donny to keep his word. Frankie said yes and said he should talk to Donny directly. Caleb kept saying that Christine knew she was on the bottom of the pecking order and as a result would be willing to make a deal with Nicole.

Cody and Donny had a talk. Cody told Donny that Frankie told him that Donny approached him to keep Zach. Donny told Cody this was a lie. Donny told Cody he would “not waste an HOH” on him. Donny and Cody made a deal.

Nicole started panicking about the guys openly strategizing. Derrick told her she needed to win Cody over. Derrick said Cody was fighting for her but was meeting with resistance. Derrick said he would Cody to keep her. Nicole swore that she wouldn’t nominate Derrick and Cody. Nicole grabbed Cody and said she knew Frankie was trying to flip the vote and assured him that she was with him.