CB Asks: What The Hell Is Going on with Ryback?

Earlier this week, Ryback posted and then deleted one of his “controversial” Tweets where he said he was going away for awhile and then ended the Tweet with “sorry punk” and a picture of his action figure standing over CM Punk’s figure. Rumors then circulated that Ryback was physically injured, but then some people in WWE weren’t truly convinced because of his cryptic antics.

On WWE Main Event this week, Michael Cole noted Ryback would miss a couple of weeks, and then Ryback took it upon himself to post the following YouTube video from a hospital bed on his on YouTube channel separate from the WWE one:

The Ryback clip is more TV-14 than TV-PG, as he references doing what he does for the entire WWE Universe, “especially the mothers.”

So, what the hell is going on with Ryback? It looks like he’s injured and he did say he’s been wrestling with “pulled groins” and “sports hernias, but maybe he should take a break from Twitter in the meantime while he recovers.

Rest up BIG GUY, see you soon. Curtis Axel misses you already.

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Source: Lords of Pain