More Details On WWE Smackdown Move To Thursdays, Effect On Wrestling Industry

More on the Smackdown return to Thursday.

WWE Smackdown is moving back to Thursdays starting October 2, 2014, finishing up a run on Fridays through the end of September.

While the move has not been officially announced, it was listed on the Syfy schedule, and Syfy had already announced the TV show “Haven” was moving from Friday to Thursday night at 10 p.m. Haven features Adam “Edge” Copeland in a recurring role, so Syfy has often linked Haven and Smackdown in their schedule.

Smackdown originated on Thursdays. When the show debuted on the now-defunct UPN network, it aired on Thursdays, only later moving to Friday in the face of stiff prime time competition. It had a pilot run on April 29, 1999, and was added fulltime to the primetime lineup that fall, starting August 26, 1999.

The move from Friday to Thursday had reverberations throughout the industry. Impact, which has been troubled as of late on Spike TV, fled Thursdays in anticipation, hastily shifting to Wednesday night to avoid competition.

In addition, WWE NXT and Superstars, which air on WWE Network each week beginning on Thursdays, will also likely move, perhaps to Wednesdays or Fridays on the WWE Network.

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